So with all of the exercising I have been doing with you (and directed by my doctor, oh those silly doctors, LOL) since March 2018 because of my high blood pressure and High cholesterol the following excellent health improvements have been made:

05/24/2018 Lipid Panel, (After all of the Exercising)

Cholesterol, Total 192 mg/dL  Range:  100- 199 mg/dL

Triglycerides 64 mg/dL  Range:  0- 149 mg/dL

HDL Cholesterol 66 mg/dL Range:  >39 mg/dL

VLDL Cholesterol Cal 13 mg/dL Range:  5- 40 mg/dL

LDL Cholesterol Calc 113 mg/dL Range:  0- 99 mg/dL

LDL/HDL Ratio 1.71 ratio units  Range: 0.0- 3.6 ratio


02/12/2018 Lipid Panel, (Before Exercising started)

Cholesterol, Total 232 mg/dL Range:  100- 199mg/dL

Triglycerides 64 mg/dL  Range:  0- 149 mg/dL Final Labcorp:

HDL Cholesterol 71 mg/dL  Range:  >39 mg/dL Final Labcorp:

VLDL Cholesterol Cal 13 mg/dL   Range:  5- 40 mg/dL Final Labcorp:

LDL Cholesterol Calc 148 mg/dL  Range:  0- 99 mg/dL Final Labcorp:

LDL/HDL Ratio 2.1 ratio units  Range: 0.0- 3.6 ratio


Thanks to your guidance and support it has had great benefits.  The diet changes which I have been doing for about six month and now the additional exercise for the last 3 months has paid off.  Thank you!  Thank You!  Thank You!

See you at the next class!


L.B., Warren

WOW!  If first impressions count, I think ROCK 'N RYDE CYCLING STUDIO has a hit on their hands.  Co-owner Robin Cohen really took the time to be sure us "newbies" were set up right, had water for those nit wits like me that forgot, and workout towels waiting on each bike that SMELL LIKE LAVENDER! (ALMOST making me forget about the impending workout ahead of me.)  The bikes are really unique (I would even use the word "cool" risking abuse from my kids, so lets use "trending" instead.  Really a great experience all way around -- music was great, and constant reminders re: form, were appreciated.  Extra gel seats were available as well.  For a new business (any business), customer service is key, and with the ease of the online sign-up, along with offering the FIRST RYDE FREE, I am happy to share this with all who are looking for that small gym experience with a HEART.  Feel free to pass this along - this place ROCKS!  

Lynn Dachisen, Warren


Robin and Lynn - 

Wanted to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and a new year filled with health and happiness!! Thank you for providing me with an amazing team of instructors who continue to challenge me on my daily goals. Without Rock andRyde and your dedicated instructors I would not have reached all the goals I put in place for myself over the past year. So thank you!!


Kristen M. Tarazi-Muto, Bound Brook

Love these classes!  It is different from spin and Robin, Lynn and their instructors are great.

N.G.W., Watchung


These are the greatest classes! You must check it out.

L.L., Warren

"I owe it all to Rock n' Ryde!! I started taking the rock n ryde classes in January after not riding for over 6 years. When I mean not riding, that's both spinning and outdoor cycling. Well, just a few weeks ago I completed a 25 mile outdoor ride and last weekend a 39 mile outdoor ride. Unbelievable!! I was tired but felt great. Thanks Rock n Ryde!!"
Liz Bartolomei., Warren

I have never enjoyed cardio until now! I'm telling everyone about your studio..my only gripe is-I wish I had come to rock n ryde sooner! Thanks again for a fantastic workout.
J.S., Bound Brook

Robin and Lynn,
I just wanted to say thank you! I never thought that I would be able to convert to your bikes because of my back and I have been so happy that I can... I love your studio and am thrilled that I can continue to "spin"! Your instructors are amazing and I love coming to class. You create a warm, friendly and comfortable environment which is wonderful! Thank you for being supportive of your client base and I look forward to continuing to support you in 2017!
Celeste Campos, Warren



I have been going to Rock 'N Ryde for about 3 years. Its fantastic, there are so many different classes and teachers to choose from. You really feel the class working yet they are so much fun and enjoyable you hardly realize how hard you are working. I always feel very energize and uplifted when I am done. Its a great way to start your day.
Diane Zeller., Bridgewater, NJ

In February, after many post-childbirth months of being unhappy looking in the mirror, I walked into my first-ever spin class.  You made me feel welcome immediately, and even though it kicked my ass and I had a hard time walking for the next 5 days, I couldn't wait to come back.  I've really enjoyed exercising in your classes this year, and I credit your teaching with helping me reach some of my own goals.  Obviously, fitness is in some ways a personal journey, but we do share it with others, and it was always encouraging to take your classes and know that someone awesome was there to teach.

B.P., Somerville

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and love both Robin and Lynn and all the instructors at Rock 'n Ryde. It has been such a seamless transition from a stationary spin bike to the fantastic RealRyder Bike at Rock 'n Ryde. Everyone has been welcoming, encouraging and patient since the beginning! Each instructor is amazing and bring their own "spin" to each class. The music is fantastic and the studio is clean and professional, each rider is even given a towel! I cannot tell you the life changing experience you can get at Rock 'n Ryde. If you get the opportunity, take a class and give it a chance! It will change your life! It's amazingly addicting! I Love R&R!!
Karen Denson, Neshanic Station

Robin and Lynn - Thank you both for all you do to make RocknRyde a wonderful experience. It provides a very important place to exercise for my physical and emotional health and I really appreciate the difference it makes in my life! THANK YOU!!!!

LyndaSue Miller., Martinsville