Private Rydes at Rock N Ryde Cycling Studio 


Private Rides are a geat opportunity to bond, reward, or gift the most important people in your industry.  Feel free to create your own playlist, or request a specific theme and we'll create one just for you!

Book a group rock 'n ryde therapy session


Why not join us on our realryder® indoor cycles? These bikes turn, tilt, and lean as you ride, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike.  Finally, you can train in a way that's both functional and fun, while working your entire body as a cohesive unit on an indoor bike.  This is the way our bodies are designed to move... and ryde! Exercise together for an hour... It's the best kind of therapy!



Is your office closed on a weekday?  Nothing special planned on a weekend?


Why not book a company outing to our studio? This is a wonderful way for your employees to enjoy some bonding time outside of the office.

We have 20 saddles, available for your team journey.  Our fully certified instructors are on hand to guide you through an hour of fun and fitness.


*Mondays are great days for all members of the beauty industry to ryde together.  Take an hour of your day off and do something fun and healthy for yoursleves.  


*Is your medical office closed on Tuesdays or Thursdays? Why not ryde together? Learn to cycle indoors and enjoy a great escape with an hour of great music that will get your heart pumping!


Wednesday is HUMP DAY!!!! A great day to take action and spark change in your body.  Join us, won't you?

Don't forget to make your own Happy Hour on Friday!


For just $250.00, you can book your office for an hour of fun, and experience New Jersey's newest "unstationary" indoor cycling experience!


Let's Rock!