Policies and Procedures


We at ROCK 'N RYDE value our clients and respect your time.  We know how busy you are and want you to be happy and comfortable.  
Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class starts, so that we can get you set up on the bike and address any concerns.
And always Remember to hydrate!



Register for any class through the online system.  Drop-ins are also welcome -- just come on by and one of our team members will assist you.




To reserve a bike, first select your class then select an available bike.  Open bikes are clearly noted as "available", reserved bikes are noted as "unavailable."  Once you confirm your reservation, a class credit  is subtracted from your account for each class or bike reserved. You will receive an email confirmation identifying your class(es) and bike (s).




Rock 'n Ryde has the capacity for 20 ryders.  You must have the appropriate amount of classes purchased prior to signing up for the wait list.  If an opening becomes available during an early cancellation period, ( 12 hours or more before a class), you will receive an email inviting you to join the class.  If an opening becomes available less than 12 hours before a class, a Rock 'n Ryde team member will contact you.  Upon your approval, we will assign you a spot and complete the reservation.




To cancel a reservation, simply click on the "Cancel" link. Once you complete the cancellation, your account will show the credit for that class, and you will receive an email confirmation.  Reservations not cancelled prior to the 12 hour cancellation window before the class will not receive a credit.

Please note that we have been faced with an ongoing issue of having sold-out classes, many with a waitlist, that end up having empty bikes because of very late cancellations or no-shows.While we understand that there are times that make these things unpreventable, it has become a problem and a frustration for our clients that would like to ride, and can’t get into a class.  Therefore, it has become necessary to create a NO-SHOW/LATE CANCEL FEE of $10 that will be assessed to a client’s account in this situation that prevents us from booking another client on the bike.  Please understand that the No-Show fee is not meant to be punitive.  We are trying to create the best possible experience for all members of our Rock ‘n Ryde family.  As always, feel free to reach out to either Robin or Lynn if you have an issue, and we are always happy to accommodate.