^1DE9EB61BAEA81E4ABB89DC8D353CD9C453127279FD4DDDE00^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrThe MYZONE belt allows users to track their heart rate, calories, time and MYZONE Effort Points (or MEPs). The MYZONE system accurately and conveniently monitors physical activity using wireless and cloud technology. The MYZONE belts are also compatible with most ANT and analogue technology. The TV screen will display color-coded heart rate zones to establish a percentage of maximum effort (intensity) based on your heart rate. Every minute of effort above 50% will earn you MEPs:


1. A MYZONE MZ3 Heart Rate Monitor is available for $149.00.

2. You can setup and register your MYZONE belt by emailing

3. Put on your belt, wait for the beep (indicating a successful connection) and start working out! Once finished, remove the belt, unsnap one side of the monitor and wait for 3 beeps to signal the monitor’s disconnected.

4. See data streaming during your workout displayed on the video monitor above the instructor bike.
*You DO NOT have to have your belt displayed in the studio, you can opt out.  The MZ3 heart rate monitor pairs with the MYZONE Smartphone App, as well as with the IWatch.

5. Receive summary emails after each workout or login to view recent activity and track progress. You can also download the App (MYZONE) to see your results on the go.

6. Setup personal goals or invite others into a competition to keep workouts exciting. You will find that you will challenge yourself to push even harder to hit your zones.
MYZONE Monitors are available for purchase for $149. Click here. *Monitors may be picked up in studio.