Rock 'n Ryde Brings Indoor Cycling to Martinsville, NJ!

0J_kpzorw8AOd9WBBmGvayKzbmT7tXCet2guaQgKfGp9skHgooQb7U_zRqJgTyPcpw=w1249-h515I am supposed to blog to get some interest in Rock 'n Ryde, so I guess I will talk about my inspiration to Ride and how it led to my inspiration to Ryde!

Well, I received this bike over 20 odd years ago as a wedding present from my brother in law and sister in law.  This bike has traveled with me to many places over the past decades.  When I first received it, my husband and I would take rides near our house and enjoy all the wonderful scenery.  Then time past, and I would hop on to ride with my little toddlers, who are now in their teens.  Then when the kids got old enough we would ride to the local school and back just for fresh air and fun.  In my late 30's, I would ride with friends through trails and loved the bumpy ride with nature surrounding me!  About 4 years ago I started to spin and decided I would get Madd Dog certified.  I enjoyed my stationary ride but it always left me wanting more.  My husband and I took our old bikes in to get them tuned up and they wanted us to just buy new ones, really.  Well, with 1 kid in college and 3 in private school, it doesn't let you have much cash for extras!

We slapped  new tires on and made some adjustments and made our old bikes  perfectly ridable. However, the stationary bike that I was riding 3 to 4 times a week and teaching on was leaving much to be desired; and if someone told me I could get my stationary bike adjusted and improved I surely would do it!  I met up with an old exercise friend (by old I mean I have known her for quite some time) not as in she is old! LOL, (sorry I didn't mean to use LOL, that makes my kids crazy.) Anyhow, we were both searching for something new in the world of spinning.  We stumbled upon Real Ryder bikes and tried them out in various places around our area.  We both were really drawn to their swaying motion and liked the RYDE. Finally we decided to get certified.  I went on line and came upon a certification in Florida, why not make it into a mini VACA, well lo and behold our "Rock 'n Ryde adventure began...  

My blue mountain bike has lead me on yet another journey on the road of life!

Stay tuned for more!