Meredith Burke

Certified as a spin instructor by Mad Dogg Athletics, TRX Certified Instructor
Meredith has been an indoor cycling instructor for more than 10 years. Prior to teaching cycling Meredith was an NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Rower at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. In 1997 and 1998 Meredith earned invitations to two different US National Rowing Selection Camps with aspirations of the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. While Meredith did not end up making it to the 2000 Olympic games, she channeled that competitive spirit elsewhere and took up Triathlon and Marathon Running. Between 1999 and 2009, Meredith completed over 100 road races as well as 10 Olympic distance Triathlons, including the Philadelphia Triathlon, Reston Triathlon (2 time age group winner), and 6 full Marathons including the Marine Corps (twice), NYC, Baltimore, Nike Women’s, and Boston. Her passion has always been for fitness and health and she couldn’t imagine life without lofty goals in these areas. Meredith is a medical sales representative, a wife and mother of two young children and would like to be an example to other moms/women/people with careers and families who feel like they have to put their fitness and health goals aside to take care of their families and be successful at work.
You Can Do it ALL and you will be better at everything along the way if you do!!

Meredith Burke instructs the following:
  • Commuter Special!   45 fast, furious, and pedal-pushing minutes to get in gear for the day.

  • Just like it sounds -  This is 45 minutes of fast and furious cycling fun. We're not just spinning our wheels here - let's make it happen!  This ryde will get your heart rate up and burn mega calories!