Michelle Napell

RealRyder certified and certified as a spin instructor by Mad Dogg Athletics.
I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Certified Mad Dogg Spin Instructor for 8 years, Michelle is thrilled to be Rock'n and Ryding with the Rock 'N Ryde Team! The RealRyder bike brings indoor cycling to a whole different level. Come join Michelle in her "happy place" and bring your fitness to a  new level!

Michelle Napell instructs the following:
  • Commuter Special!   45 fast, furious, and pedal-pushing minutes to get in gear for the day.

  • Just like it sounds -  This is 45 minutes of fast and furious cycling fun. We're not just spinning our wheels here - let's make it happen!  This ryde will get your heart rate up and burn mega calories!

  • H.I.I.T.
  • Say hello to a different take on cardio with our new H.I.I.T. class! High Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardio that alternates between high and low intensity. This constant variation of intensity keeps your mind focused on your time and speed, making your workout more engaging and less boring.

  • Ring in the new year with a power hour ryde!
    Commit to be Fit!